Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before browsing, registering, accessing, or using the mobile application “Dooze“. By accessing, registering on, or using the application, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below including any additional guidelines and future modifications thereto. If, at any point of time, you do not agree to these terms and conditions or do not wish to be bound by any of these terms and conditions, you may not access or use the Dooze application and terminate the use in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein

The Website and the Application are jointly referred to as the “Platform”.

Merchant Responsibility

No Merchant that offers goods or services through a marketplace e-commerce entity shall refuse to take back goods, or withdraw or discontinue services purchased or agreed to be purchased, or refuse to refund consideration, if paid, if such goods or services are defective, deficient or spurious, or if the goods or services are not of the characteristics or features as advertised or as agreed to, or if such goods or services are delivered late from the stated delivery schedule: Provided that in the case of late delivery, this sub-rule shall not be applied if such late delivery was due to force majeure.

Cancellation by Buyer

As a rule, Buyer shall not be entitled to cancel Order once placed. All Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. In the event the Buyer wishes to cancel their Order, no refund shall be issued. However, in the event wherein an Order is not able to be fulfilled by Dooze, then the Buyer shall have the option to cancel the Order and then the refund will be processed.  

If Buyer cancels his/her Order after one minute of placing it, Dooze shall have a right to collect a penalty of 100% of the Order amount for breach of contract terms as a compensation for the damages suffered by Dooze, with a right to either not to refund the Order value in case Buyer’s Order is prepaid or recover from the Buyer’s subsequent Order in case his/her Order is post-paid, to compensate the Merchants and/or Retailers.

Cancellation by Dooze

In case Dooze cancels the Order for any reason other than those mentioned below, Dooze shall be responsible to bear those charges and/or loss caused due to cancellation.

However, Dooze reserves the right to collect a penalty for the Orders constrained to be cancelled by Dooze for reasons not attributable to Dooze, including but not limited to:

  • in the event if the address provided by Buyer is either wrong or falls outside the delivery zone.
  • failure to contact Buyer by phone or email at the time of delivering the Order.
  • Buyer fails to comply or provide the correct OTP for verification. 
  • failure to deliver Buyer Order due to lack of information, direction, or authorization from Buyer at the time of delivery; or
  • In the unlikely event of an item in an Order being unavailable, Dooze will contact the Buyer on the phone number provided to us at the time of placing the Order and inform Buyer of such unavailability. In such an event Buyer will be entitled to cancel the entire Order and shall be entitled to a refund to an amount up to 100% of the Order value.

In case of cancellations for the reasons attributable to Dooze or the Merchant, Dooze shall not collect any penalty from the Buyer.


Buyer may be entitled to a refund for prepaid Orders, post deduction of cancellation fees, if for any reason:

  • the Order could not be delivered within 2 (two) hours
  • If the Merchant cancels the Order due to reasons not attributable by the Buyer, including but not limited to store being close, non-availability of items, store not servicing online orders, overcrowding at store etc.
  • If Dooze cancels the Order due to reasons not attributable to the Buyer, including but not limited non-availability of delivery agents.

The Buyer shall also be entitled to a refund of proportionate value in the event packaging of an item in an Order or the complete Order, is either tampered or damaged and the Buyer refuses to accept the same at the time of delivery for the said reason.

Buyer may be entitled to a refund up to 100% of the Order value if delivery of the Order is not completed due to a cause attributable to either the delivery agent or Dooze, however such refunds will be assessed on a case-to-case basis by Dooze.

Our decision on refunds shall be final and binding.

All refund amounts shall be credited to Buyer’s account as may be stipulated as per the payment mechanism of Buyer’s choice, the estimated timelines are detailed as below, in case the Buyer doesn’t choose to credit it to Buyer’s wallet with his/her Dooze Account.

The refunds shall be processed to the original source within 5 to 7 business days. 

Important Note 1: 

In the event some or all the products delivered to the You are broken / damaged or expired, You will have to notify the same by following the steps mentioned in the Grievance policy. You will have to raise such cases within 10 mins of order delivery. We will not be liable to take any actions if You do not raise such cases in the defined time period. We might also require You to furnish proof, in the form of images, to substantiate the claims.

Important Note 2:

In case of the complaint of any spurious and/or expired product, the liability shall solely lie with the Merchant selling the product. Dooze is merely facilitating the transactions between the Merchant and the Buyer and therefore, Dooze shall assume no liability with respect to the products sold by the Merchant. Dooze strictly discourages dealing of any spurious and/or expired product on its Platform and shall reserve the right to report such incidents to the concerned authorities for appropriate legal actions.